Devil In Disguise?

Christmas Talent Show Trophy

Sometime within Noah’s first few years, we began having a family talent show on Christmas Eve. Anyone who came to dinner had to participate in the festivities. For a family that had little to no actual skill, you can imagine what we came up with. As the 24th of December loomed closer, it was all we talked about. Who would perform what with whom. Since performing was a prerequisite for eating, everyone begrudgingly brainstormed.

Ingenuity would be required for three of our family members…Gram, P-Pop and Noah. Mom decided she would incorporate Pop, Joe and I took Gram, and Zoe snagged Noah! ( the ringer)

Once you decided on your talent, it was top secret! You had to rehearse and get your props without anyone seeing or hearing you. Very, very difficult when we are all with each other 24/7. I would sneak over to Mom’s house and lock the door to Gram’s room…while Zoe and Noah would be over at our house stomping away upstairs. Malia had it easy because she could play the piano!

We celebrated the Talent Show over a decade long time period. My sister-in-law won over my heart the first year she performed, props, Toots! My son-in-law’s first Christmas with our family, was met with head shakes and guffaws. Word would spread and invites were begged for! It really was a spectacle to behold. My favorites by far: Mom crooning Santa Baby to Chris with her feather Boa and sparkly dress. Mia, Zoe and Noah changing the words to My Favorite Things , and of course my brother, Michael’s guitar strumming parody on the kid’s teenage life.

One year Marley, Noah and I taped glow sticks to our bodies, turned out the lights and went crazy to: Wild Cherry! We of course won for that one! Joe somehow managed to become prop and sound man. He rarely made his acting debut.

With Noah as mischievous as ever, he would wake up each day into everything and anything he could get his hands on. Extra locks had to be put on the doors because he was an amazing escape artist. If we were out shopping he would hide under the clothes racks, while we frantically searched for him!

When Christmas Eve finally rolled around, Zoe ingeniously incorporated this trait of Noahs into her act. The evening began with appetizers, champagne and the highly anticipated spot pick. This would determine the order the talents would be performed. Zoe and Noah’s slot was the grand finale, lucky pick.

Costumes were put on, chairs assembled, lights dimmed. Let the show begin! Pianos played, guitars strummed, Gram sang, we laughed until we cried. Finally Zoe came out dressed in a black party dress, waltzing with Noah in a cute angel costume with a halo. Everyone oohed and ahhed at out little blond cupid. Elvis crooned in the background, walked like an angel, talked like an angel….all of a sudden, Zoe ripped off the angel costume to reveal a shiny devil costume with a tail and horns! But he’s the devil in disguise, oh yes he is! Noah was dancing around, at a level ten for sure! Zoe had coached him so well, there was no denying it was the perfect act to end the night.

Secret voting began. The annual dispute of whether we were allowed to vote for ourselves was discussed. Ballots were then counted, Mom came out to announce the winner, in third place, winning a ten dollar gift card to Dunkin Donuts….Cathy and Chris! Second place with a twenty five dollar gift card to Olive Garden goes to….Kristen and Gramma Kate! Gram had a stroke in her late fifties and couldn’t speak but could sing a few bars, so I used that to my full advantage, sympathy vote, works every time! Finally the winner of the Nacrelli-Hunt-McGinnis Christmas Talent Show was…Zoe and Noah a.k.a Devil In Disguise.

Everyone sighed a relief that the show was behind us. We now had 365 days to scheme, plan and win back the coveted gnome trophy. This Christmas our family will be in Canada, St. Pete, Fort Walton Florida and Delaware.The gnome has been residing in Miami since before Covid hit. Even though we will be physically apart, the videos and memories of the Christmas Eve Talent Show live on!

Do you have a favorite memory or tradition that your family celebrates? I’d love to read about it.

2 thoughts on “Devil In Disguise?

  1. What a wonderful idea! I would love to see that video! What great memories. That’s the teacher in you and your Mom! Love Aunt Diane❤️

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