The Plan

The original blueprint of the ‘plan’

As Noah got older and stronger his imagination grew too! He was constantly exploring with his preschool buddies. They would make forts in the woods and zip line to the ground. I know of three such hideaways on the property, but there could be a dozen more. A rusty chandelier would suddenly disappear, as would a plastic chair, cutlery and of course food. He and his best friend Ezra would create real life Minecraft structures with wood, bricks, shovels and pickaxes.

One day all the older kids had plans. Zoe and Malia were at swim practice and Marley was at the golf course. it would be a perfect time to take a hot bath and relax. I set Noah up with Backyardigan’s, a snack and a drink. I told him I’d leave the bathroom door cracked and to come get me if he needed me.

Things were peaceful…quiet…too quiet? Noah? In he strolled with a satisfied look on his face. He stood beside the bubble filled tub and started smoothing my hair back. “Are you o.k.?” I asked. He told me he was very sorry, that he loved me and would see me soon. Then he turned and walked out, back to his show. Hmmmmmm, not good, not good at all. I quickly dried myself off and got dressed. I peeked around the corner of my door, Noah was happily eating his popcorn laughing at his show.

I guess I was being paranoid. I walked into the kitchen and slipped on …oil? There was a whole bottle of cooking oil poured all over the floor! String, what? There was string tied around the legs of the chairs criss crossed over the walkway. Forks, this is really crazy! On the other side of the string lay a dozen forks with their tines pointed upwards. What in the world?

Nooooaaaahhhhh!! What is going on? In comes my little towhead with a mischievous smile on his face. “You fell into my plan,” he said. “Plan, what plan?” I asked. He then brought a rudimentary drawing out and showed me how I was supposed to slip on the oil, hit the string and land on the forks! Are you kidding me? I was in the bath for ten minutes! How in the world was this little booger able to draw his plans, execute them and come in and console me for what was about to happen all in ten minutes!?

Right at that moment my friend Wanda called. I told her exactly what happened and what I was looking at. Her reply,…”I don’t know whether to be thrilled or very, very worried!”

For weeks our kitchen floor had a sheen that would not go away. Noah’s master plan was retold far and wide. For weeks I slept with one eye opened wondering if I’d get my little angel or the devil in disguise?

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