The Wedding

Well, of course I said yes! The wedding planning began in earnest. We decided we would get married in February. In true tongue and cheek manner, I decided I wanted to get married on Honest Abe’s birthday. February 12th. When mom had me back in the good ole days, I was the first grandchild on either side. You can only imagine the love and anticipation that accompanied the birth. Mom, being a young 19 year old had a very hard time with the birth and they proceeded to use the medieval device know as forceps to ‘help’ in the delivery. Kate walked in and declared that I was the sixteenth presidents doppelgänger! Also, our pastor was on a missionary trip that weekend and we had to move the date by one week.

It was decided that the kids would walk me down the isle. It’s weird planning a wedding with four generations. Everyone had a say in how they wanted the wedding to look and feel. Our budget was small and Joe’s one request was that I wear white. This being my second marriage, I struggled with the whole purity thing. While Joe and I as believers had decided to wait until we were married, we both were obviously not virgins. To compromise (not really) I found a sea foam green dress at Goodwill that I fell in love with.

The date was drawing near and we decided to have the ceremony at our church and the reception at a nearby restaurant. A fun fact, the restaurant we chose had a gazebo on the water where my first wedding had taken place. As a chronic nail biter, I got my nails done. On the day of the wedding, poor Marley was recruited to help me pull up my stockings so I didn’t tear them with my talons, an action he tells me scarred him. The girls wore matching green dresses, while the men wore suits with daffodils in their lapels. It was simple and meaningful. Towards the end of the service we performed a ceremonial hand washing acknowledging that the person you have chosen is not perfect, yet fits with you in a way no other person can.

After the pictures we headed to the restaurant, Joe told me we had exactly two hours to enjoy the celebration and then we were heading to our honeymoon! The DJ played ‘our song’ Mr. Mom by Kyle Casey. Noah thinks our wedding song is Lilo and Stitches theme song, no matter how hard we try to tell him otherwise. It came time to cut the cake and as I was beginning to feed my husband, I let go and his slice splattered to the ground. A fact that he reminds me of every time I use our cake server. Joe then scooped me up and we headed to the beach house. When we were finally together, we both cried. Christ really can make all things new.

The next day we returned home. My life friends, Carol and Wanda, not only watched the kids but had gotten us all new, beautiful linens for my room…our room. We really were beginning again. Little did we realize less than a year and a half later our lives would literally be turned upside down.

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